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Oprah In "Secret" Room during visit to Graceland

From the Oprah website on her visit to Memphis and Graceland:

At Graceland, Elvis Presley's home, Lisa Marie, Elvis's daughter, and Angie Marchesi, Graceland's archive director, led Oprah and Gayle on a private tour. Once they were behind the velvet ropes in the famed residence, they got to see some of the King's preserved possessions and rooms.

Though millions of fans have toured Graceland, no ticket could get you into the last room on the tour—a secret library of Elvis memorabilia. Its very existence is so top secret that The Oprah Show cameras were turned off to protect the location. The room—which houses Elvis's most personal possessions—is fireproof, earthquake-proof and tornado-proof.

Most of the things in this room—which include signed checks, more than 60,000 photographs, his famous sunglasses and 88 jumpsuits—have never even been seen by the public!

Lisa Marie says having all of her dad's things around is comforting. "It's like a little time capsule of the past. Nothing's changed.

"Updated: Oct 14th, 2006

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